FiSTB Testing Assembly


Robot Framework Hands-on

Speaker Ismo Aro, Robot Framework Foundation
Date Wednesday 30.9.2020
Time 9:00 - 17.00
Place Online event

FiSTB partners and members / Tivia verkostokortti
300 eur + VAT, Total = 372 eur

ISTQB Certified participants
300 eur + VAT, Total = 372 eur

TestausOSY members
400 eur + VAT, Total = 496 eur

600 eur + VAT, Total = 744 eur

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Please note that this is online tutorial!

The target of this training course is to learn basics of Robot Framework. This includes creating test cases and new domain specific higher level keywords, running tests and analyzing results, as well as understanding the overall architecture of the framework and what is available in the wider Robot Framework ecosystem.

Target audience
This training is especially targeted for testers, programmers, and other development team members, but it is suitable for everyone who is interested in Robot Framework. Participants should have at least some testing experience, but no programming skills or previous test automation experience is necessary.

The training is fully generic and suitable for people in any domain. The application under test in the hands-on exercises is web based, and participants will thus get some web test automation skills as a bonus.

Participants should have a laptop with Python 3.4 or higher installed. Operating system does not matter, but participants should be comfortable using the machine and have local admin rights to it.

The planned high-level agenda is as follows. The list of additional topics can be adapted based on participant needs and interests.

Getting started 
- Welcome and introductions
- Robot Framework architecture and ecosystem
- Installations

Hands-on training
- Creating test cases using keyword-driven syntax
- Creating new domain specific higher level keywords
- Using test libraries
- Using variables
- Using resource files to share keywords and variables
- Data-driven testing
- Gherkin syntax
- Running tests and analyzing results

Additional topics
- Robot Framework and ATDD/BDD
- Tagging test cases
- Editor support (RIDE, IDE plugins, ...)
- CI support
- Introduction to test library API
- Where to find more information


Ismo Aro is CTO at N<>rthC<>de™ and Chairman of the Board in Robot Framework Foundation. He has a long track record working as a change agent. He has a strong focus in modernizing the ways of working and the quality of work.

His previous roles have included Test Engineer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Test Automation Specialist, Agile Coach, Lead QA Engineer, Partner and Head of Software Automation and his employers were Nokia, Ericsson, Basware, Omenia and Siili.